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Ocean Food Web Game: Can You Correctly Place Each Marine Organism?

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Discovery Kids: Ocean Creatures Puzzles

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Marine Animal Quiz


The Ultimate Ocean and Marine Life Quiz

Oceans include a vast diversity of life, everything from plants to large mammals. Oceans represent a truly undiscovered world for most people. Take this quiz and learn more about ocean life




National Geographic’s Octopus Quiz

Octopuses are mysterious sea creatures that many children find intriguing. They are very intelligent and have unique defense mechanisms. Take this quiz to learn more about the octopus!

Octopus quiz


National Geographic’s Oyster Quiz

Oysters, as well as octopuses and squids, are an ancient delicacy. They are found throughout the world and live short lives on the ocean floor. Take this quiz to learn more about oysters!

Oyster Quiz







┬áDiscovery’s The Ultimate Crustacean Quiz

The crustacean family not only includes crabs, shrimp and lobsters but also spiders and water flies. Discover more about this diverse group of organisms by taking the Ultimate Crustacean Quiz!









National Geographic Ocean Issues Quiz

Ocean acidification, pollution and overfishing are just a few issues facing our oceans today. Find out where you stand on these issues and more by taking the quiz!

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Animal Planet Coral Reef Quiz

Coral reefs are not only beautiful, but they are essential ecosystems that support a vast array of marine species. Unfortunately, coral reefs are in danger of disappearing because of issues such as climate change. Take this quiz to learn more about what can be done to conserve coral reefs!

coral reef quiz